Uber Power 2.0 Football Betting Systems – 2015/2016 Version



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I am selling newly created systems which I have been using for a number of years to very profitable effect

I have finally put these systems into a book

These cannot be found anywhere else

The book focuses on extremely effective trading methods for the:

– Over/Under 1.5 Goal Market

– Over/Under 2.5 Goal Market

You will need knowledge of Betfair, and basic understanding of Backing and Laying.

The 10 page book is easy to understand and includes useful decision trees so the system can be applied quickly and effectively.

These systems have been used by me since the 2010/11 season and have been extremely profitable each season.

I will also include some of my other leading systems free of charge

Strike Rate?

The strike rate for the 1.5 Goal system has been over 80% for the last 3 seasons, and the 2.5 Goal system has been over 67% since 2010 – both equate to a good amount of profit. My stakes have risen over time (as I gained more experience and profit), and I use trading stakes of £50, but I initially started with trading stakes of £10

In 2014/15, I made 156 trades in the 1.5 Goal system, with 139 being profitable, making on average £12 per trade.

The 2.5 Goal system – I made 64 trades, with 50 profitable. I don’t have statistics on the exact profit per trade, but I would estimate £750+ profit for the season.

I consider these two Uber Power systems to be the most consistently reliable.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me