The Simple Goal System – Win At 100/1 Odds: 45 Mins Is All You Need

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We all look for that one particular bet that can earn us a nice little profit every week and there are dozens to choose from nowadays compared to a few years ago when the options were very little. You’ve probably read numerous times that the single bet is better than doing accumulators but I’m here to tell you that the accumulator can give you more chance of winning more in one afternoon than single bets over one month.

First Bet A Winner – Man Utd, Everton, Leicester, Norwich, Arsenal, Birmingham, Blackburn, Brentford, Rotherham, Chesterfield, Gillingham, Swindon, Exeter & Cambridge @ 122/1 – £5 bet returned £615. Expect many more like this throughout the season.

About Me: I have been a gambler now for more than ten years and have gone through many systems and strategies to be able to work more from home while supporting the family. I am not about making anybody or myself an overnight millionaire because that’s just not possible but from gambling I earn more than my minimum wage day job and win enough to have a couple of holidays a year and do the nice things so many families are limited on due to income. I am just your average Joe gambler who has been doing this long enough to know when I am on a winner but not the type to say that I am a gambling god.

The system I am about to show you is by far the best one I have come up with in a good few years. I started putting it into play last season and was amazed by the returns. You can use this system with all the major leagues in Europe as well as some of the lesser leagues but I prefer to stick with the top four English leagues as I can then follow them all on Gillette Soccer Saturday but I will usually cover the other European leagues on a Sunday when English league games are very few. When I first started with this system I was doing just £2 on a Saturday afternoon and after four weeks I had a bank roll of £462 in my Bet365 account. That was two £1 bets that averaged between 80/1 and 100/1+

** Only 45 Mins Needed
** £1 Stakes
** Nearly £5000 Earned In One Season
** Focused Around The 3pm Kick Offs

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The Simple Goal System – Win At 100/1 Odds: 45 Mins Is All You Need