The Bookies Favourite Horse Racing System



Please note as from the 30th October I shall no longer be listing systems in the Auction Format , however they will available for Buy It Now

The aim of this method is to back regular winning favourites!

With this new method the aim is to make daily profits from backing
certain favourites and the vendor has been highly successful in this
aim! Due to the nature of the system, the odds of the winners will not
be high, the highest price being around 4/1 and a number of winning
favourites that are odds-on. But if your aim is to make regular daily
profits, then this system fits the bill. In the first 12 days of August
(upto going to press), this method had an amazing 10 winning days from

Just recived this message from a customer & thought I would post it up……

to thank you had some constant winners these last few days from your
crack the placepot system. Didn’t pay much but it’s a start. I’m only
going to do during the week days.