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This software will empower you with a highly effective way to bet on the right
horse, place your bets on that horse and succeed in winning sizeable profits
from winning bets.

Else Wants A Push Button Solution To Start Raking In Easy Money From

Dear Friend,

Have we got news for you! 

Would you like to know about a brand new, sure-fire
system for making good money with the bookmakers?

How about a system for making real profits that is
so ridiculously easy to use that when you compare it with the more accepted
methods of making money, there really is no comparison?

Sound great?  
Well, what if this system was available on your computer?   Imagine a Windows based system that looks at
all of your betting options that were out there and picks out the best for

at the push of a button, and all with the accuracy of a software program?

Well, available right now is such a software
program, one that:

  • Totally
    removes the need to work out complicated betting equations.
  • Takes away
    the need to stick to something that you are not quite sure will work
  • Controls
    all of your bets and manages them efficiently

Revolutionary System

Designed with the bettor in mind, the new system has
been designed with you in mind.   It
actually understands what you need as someone who bets.   The system is a calculator that works out
for you the best tips to make and delivers an on spec staking plan that delivers the goods every time.

The software works out how much you need to
stake.   Simple as that, and then it
works out from that first stake just where to place your money and how much
money to place so that, within a few bets, you are guaranteed to be making a

enough, every race will be a winning one!

have tried out the system ourselves, and, because we are the cautious type, we
tried it out with some test bets first, with no money down.   Guess what?  
Every time, we made profit on screen! 
it didn’t take us long to get the real money involved!

Virtual Cash Machine

There is a massive amount of cash to be made with
this system.  And that is the real
clincher.   This system pays out in real
cash, on a daily basis.

Why Use it?

Well, if you can answer yes to any of the following questions,
this software is for you.

  • Are you
    sick and tired of losing money every time you bet?
  • Are you
    searching for that extra bit of income?
  • Are you
    sick of your nine-to-five?
  • Do you like
    the instant thrill of winning online?
  • Are you tired
    of the odds always being in favour of the ‘system’?

What The Betting Machine offers is a unique system
that takes a simple, mathematical approach to solving all of the problems
outlined above.

This system takes the sport betting arena of horse
racing and turns it inside out so that you are calling the shots.  

Have you tried betting on the horses before?

Of course you have!  
But the problem always comes down to one thing.   All of that close study of things like form
and the ground conditions; it is too much to take in, too much to digest.  And as for making money out of it on a consistent
basis, well, good luck to you!

However, if you had a software program that worked
out all of the percentages for you?  
What if you had a system that removed all guesswork and instead
delivered to you a simple set of instructions as regards where to bet and how
much to bet?

Well, I have gathered together a group of elite
programmers to do just that.   They have
done all of the hard work and designed a foolproof piece of software that
analyses all of the nasty variables involved in horse racing, and then just
tells you what to do to make money.  

Just take a look at these incredible benefits!

The Betting Machine has removed all
elements of guess work.

It requires no previous experience.

Simple instructions are included.

It even offers free tips to generate a
higher percentage of winning bets.

There is zero research or form analysis
needed by you.


This means that you

– have the freedom to make big money while you are
at home, or even wherever you want to be!

– Do it all in minutes!   Just give the system some simple figures and
it will give you back the numbers you need.

– Because it is computer based, you can do this
anywhere in the world!

The Betting Machine makes all of this happen.   However, all of this expertise and
incredible technology does not come cheap.  
Programmers are expensive, and if you tried to buy anything similar to
this form anywhere else, you could end up giving up thousands, just because the
system is so perfect!

By being one of the first to see this page, however,
you have secured the chance to purchase this world-beating system for an
amazing, one-off price.

In fact, this is such good value precisely because
of the hundreds of man-hours of research that was put into its
development.   Anywhere else, and you
would pay thousands.

We are pleased to offer you a fantastic price for
this.   And we are pleased because we
want to make you money.  

You see, I love horse racing.  And the last thing I want is for people to be
put off the excitement that comes with winning with this sport.   So I want to make you rich, which is why you
are so privileged to be reading this right now.

do I get it?

This is the easy part.   Once we have notification of your payment,
you will be sent a copy of the software and it’s easy to understand manual.   And then it gets really exciting…

Every day the best tips in the betting business will
be sent direct to The Betting Machine!  
That’s right; you just wait for the tips to come rolling in.

So you no longer have to scramble around for
tips.   You don’t have to study the form
or the ground the horses are running on.  
You no longer have to worry about the chances of making a good bet.

And remember; try it first without placing any

And then marvel as you see just how much money you
could make!

At just £97 for lifetime access, The Betting Machine is yours.  

As soon as you install, you will have immediate
access to the best tips in the business, prepared specially for you.

So take control of your life and make that key
decision right now.   Become one of the
lucky few who have access to this amazing and revolutionary piece of
software.   It’s instant, it’s comprehensive
and best of all, it’s accurate.

Ttake advantage of this amazing offer today.   And, just to help you make the decision,
we’ve answered a few of those frequently asked questions…

  • Can I use
    this anywhere?   Of course you can!   If you have a computer with Internet
    access and an online bookmaker account, nothing stands in your way!
  • Do I need
    to place a minimum bet?   Like in all betting, you can place any
    amount.   However, to get the ball
    rolling for you quicker, you need to start thinking big.
  • Do I have to
    do any work?   No, it is all done for you.  
    The complex mathematical work has been done and programmed into the
    system.  You just place the bets and
    make the wins.
  • Why is The
    Betting Machine different to all the rest of the betting systems?   It
    is different because it doesn’t allow you to lose serious money.   It is incremental, and takes it’s time
    to build your success.  And don’t
    forget that it also provides you with tips direct to your computer.  You don’t even have to leave the house!
  • Lastly, how
    many tips can I expect?   Obviously this depends on the number of
    races that day.   But expect around
    4 to 12 good selections.
  • We really have said all we have to say.   This system is so revolutionary it will
    change your life.   Take advantage of
    this offer and grab a piece of the action, before someone else does.   Order The Betting Machine and watch your
    betting career take off!