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IMPORTANT: This is NOT the method or book itself. It is a true test in the real world of the game and you are getting the results of this extensive test as well as an analysis of same (see below for WHICH system this applies to, if there were several systems in the book). From this you can form a better idea if you wish to purchase this book or system. You not only save the cost of the book if the results are negative, you save the many hours necessary to test it yourself, or worse, the money you may have lost following this system (again, if the results prove negative)!

Here is the book description: “Sports wagering and horse race betting are made easier with systems! This book contains some of the best sports betting systems from Ken Osterman. These are systems that he has used himself successfully at both racetracks and sports books. The rules for each system are clearly explained and the systems are explained clearly so it is understood why they work. Tips for improving these systems are also provided. There are 10 systems in this book that cover horse racing, football and baseball. Here is a list of the systems with the sport that is covered and the title of the system. Horse Racing (Quarter Horse) – The Hidden Speed Horse Angle; (Thoroughbred) – Best Jockey – Long shot Method; (Thoroughbred) – Bet the Fastest Horse; (Thoroughbred) – Show a profit down under (AUSTRALIAN RACES ONLY); (Harness) – The qualifier advantage Harness – Morning Line Overlay; Sports Betting NFL Football – The Injured Star; NFL Football – The Hat Trick; Baseball – The AAA Surprise; Baseball – The Underdog Advantage”

This book contains TEN betting systems. This test and analysis is only for ONE of these systems – The Horse Racing/Thoroughbred System called the “Bet the Fastest Horse.” Each system can take many hours and days to test thoroughly, and most will not take the time or energy necessary to do a comprehensive test or trial of it before committing money! Here are the details of my test and analysis that you will get with this report:

  • A comprehensive study and analysis of the method in this book called “Bet the Fastest Horse (for Thoroughbred horse racing)” (ONLY)
  • This test covered 14 consecutive days of racing over numerous tracks, covering minor , medium-purse, and major venues. My trial covered over 800 races.
  • Spreadsheet results of all bets and how much profit (or loss) this method showed in both dollars and ROI (return on dollars invested, also known as “Profit-On-Turnover.”
  • Yes, this is only ONE of the 10 systems, but if this one is profitable (or a LOSER?), you can judge better if the others might be if similar kind.
  • Once again, this is NOT MY SYSTEM, but a TEST of ONE of the systems being sold in the book, “Betting Systems That Work” by Ken Osterman. In this case, it’s ONE of TWO of the thoroughbred systems designed for U.S. tracks (possibly others, though, also). The other thoroughbred system is for Australian horse racing, but if you bet these sort of races from the U.S., the mutual pools are very small and odds fluctuate dramatically. I have tested the other U.S. thoroughbred method, and those results are sold as another independent test, study, and analysis.
  • I’m charging only $4 for this revealing trial. The book sells for $9.43-$15.00 or more. The main thing is, I’ve tested it honestly and forthrightly. Get my review and see for yourself if the book is WORTH you purchasing it. Along with the test results, if I found any areas that performed especially well, this information WILL BE INCLUDED. And even if you got the book, how much is your TIME WORTH to run through it all yourself. Or why waste betting real money before you see how it performs?
  • I’m asking more for this test than “Best Jockey” because this one was more intensive and time consuming to complete. Races are only passed after a short handicap of each, so each race had to be analyzed to a greater degree. (Since it was a trial, I tested ALL races, but “passed” races will be shown separately.)
  • I am showing a snippet of just one of the spreadsheet cell formulas, to illustrate that I’m not some flake or that the tests are done haphazardly.

ATTENTION EBAY – This information will be disseminated in digital format and is of my OWN authorship. There is NO violation of copyright and all information presented is my own. If I review a method or “system,” any information divulged of that method is either quoted from the original author or not applicable to copyright law, since a “system” itself is NOT copyrightable. A “system” of how to do something cannot ever be copyrighted. Only the artistic flair of authorship and the author’s words and expressions are subject to copyright. The digital format will usually be in the form of a PDF file, but may sometimes also be in spreadsheet format or word document.

About my work:

Ever since ‘Systems & Methods’ ceased publication, there has been a GIANT void in being able to get TRUE and accurate reviews of Horse Racing and Gambling/Betting Systems and/or Methods. The great ‘LGH’ and then Huey Mahl did a fantastic job of analyzing these things for us, and saved a lot of players a lot of money and headaches. In some cases the system or method was published by a charlatan and getting your money back was well nigh impossible. In other cases, at least the reader was saved the aggravation and irreplaceable amount of time it takes to test out a worthless piece of junk. With LGH, you knew the information and his review of the method was solid and trustworthy. However, my one criticism is that he rarely, if ever, published the hard numbers. But in his defense, Lou knew so much about the entire gambling scene that he had already dealt with a lot of the material coming across his desk, and in most cases already knew whether it had any potential whatsoever, offered any value, or was a complete farce or worse – a bold-faced rip-off.

Some of this void was filled with the early editions of the Phillips Racing Newsletter. However, when the reigns passed on to the operator’s son, the hard facts started to diminish with the analyses they used to offer for racing systems! But once again, no hard numbers! And if they do complete any sort of study or testing, it’s usually only over the course of a weekend or a few days, and usually only at one or two tracks. Let’s face it. Seeing a high 8, 9, or 10 in PRN today is no indication that the thing will work. Without hard numbers and real stats shown, one is taking everything on faith that a test was even completed.

I don’t claim to be an “expert.” In my opinion, there are no “experts.” There are only varying degrees of knowledge and experience. “Experts” still lose and fail all the time! But I have been tinkering with racing and betting for a long time, and learned a great deal. I have an analytical mindset that is fascinated with beating a negative expectation game. In any case, my knowledge came at a high price in money spent and time wasted. But I still like to tinker and test, and yes, still fall prey to the system sellers and mills that crank out this stuff! But why should I keep my results to myself??? Why not save others the aggravation and money spent checking out what I’ve already looked at? I am offering to do this for a pitiful amount, so the main reason is to prevent others from being ripped off. After all, I’ve already done the work, and I assure you that many times I spent three or more hours each day for two, three or more weeks just to check a method out! How much would that time be worth to you? I’m sure you’ll find my reports are well worth the small price I’m asking, and you can then decide if you wish to purchase the system I’ve reviewed with the hard numbers. I’m not going to assign a numerical rating or any other “grade.” What you get is my complete analysis of the method or system, the results I encountered, as well as any problems or experiences I ran into that I think you will be able to expect yourself. But I will be absolutely and unapologetically frank and truthful in my analysis. Each review will be perfectly sincere, and without regard to anything else the author or publisher sells or has sold, even if I reviewed other things that I considered plain garbage.

As with the dearly departed LGH, the reviews will be “severe critiques in the tradition of movie and book reviews,” only accompanied by my numbers and the actual dates, tracks, races, etc. Each review will contain the publisher and/or author information as well as the cost at the time I purchased it, and if you wish you can then purchase the method or system yourself after reading my synopsis. If it’s a bit dated, you may have to verify the publisher is still selling it, or otherwise look for it used on eBay or from a book seller. And in following the original Systems& Methods’ credo, “This effort is not an attempt to pirate systems, but to inform players!

Most players can tell you if a system worked for them or not, but rarely will they have the numbers to show you how it really did. I love the numbers. I have made complicated speadsheets with even more complicated spreadsheet formulas just to calculate the outcome(s). So this is what you’ll get from me, as well as the basic mechanics of the methodology offered. I have to charge something for these reviews, and I’m not a publisher or associated with one. Besides, publishing a paper anything these days is prohibitive in cost to the point that something like this won’t make it without charging a high subscription price. And please don’t think this is just about the money. Paypal will charge me at least 50 cents for each transaction, and eBay takes 10%. So charging $3 for something that has a limited market may net a person (me) around $2, that is if they don’t have to actually ship the paper to print it on. If I sell 20 reviews of something, I might net $40 if I’m lucky! But that does not include the price I paid for the system itself, sometimes up to $250, and the few bucks does a very poor job at compensating me for the time I spent to give it a decent test. So if you think it’s about the money, I would make more profit looking for change in parking lots! However, in most cases I’ve already bought the system, already tested it, and am just furnishing my results and the time it took to type up my study and observations. Thus, in most cases I will charge around 10% of what the method cost to purchase, but if it took me a great deal of time to really test it, I may have to charge more. Again, this is NOT about making money. Usually I’ve already done the testing and “work,” so why not try to recoup some of that cost and time, but also why not save others the money, headaches, heartaches, and time themselves?

All that being said, if you buy my report I offer NO MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! Don’t even ask. If you have a problem with that, go buy the method and waste your own time testing it, but common sense says do so WITHOUT SPENDING REAL MONEY at first. In some cases, that means spending hours in front of your screens or at the track watching the tote board (in tote systems)! What you get in my report is whether or not the thing worked, or, if some parts of it did work, which ones they were. And if it took a beating, how badly that beating was on the bankroll. If I’ve had experiences with similar methods, I will offer any insights I can as to what to expect. And in some cases I have analyzed it to the point of profit areas that may not have been identified by the system seller. Occasionally my insights or analyses will uncover blatant fraud in the system seller’s advertised results. If you don’t want to call it fraud, just call it an “error” then, but one that helps the numbers being show in either the advertising or the method’s publication.

Once again, even though it’s not my intent to “pirate” a system, if it’s some idiotic betting progression that’s well known, or something similar, you will basically get the entire ‘system’ in my report. And that’s perfectly okay and lawful, because no “system” can be copyrighted! You can’t copyright a system, which is basically a series of steps to do something. You can only copyright your authorship of same, and that means the artistic license you used to compose your manuscript. So if one of the system sellers is selling something using the old and worn-out Martingale betting system, or something similar, you will not only know that, but I can put the whole damned thing in my report without breaking any laws or “stealing” information from a “publisher” and worrying about getting sued for it! And yes, some of these system “experts” still sell this type of rubbish!!!

So if you’re curious about the method I’m reviewing here, you will get an HONEST and FORTHRIGHT review of the method and can determine for yourself if it’s worth the price they are asking BEFORE spending the money or investing the time and energy (and possibly betting money) to test it yourself. Then you will have an informed position as to whether or not you wish to order the system or method yourself. Sometimes a method may not show a profit, but it still might offer you value if you are seeking some unique information or methodology to improve your own play.

Now, invest in this report or not, have the best day possible, strive to “stay awake and live consciously,” and above all, be decent to others. Thank you!

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