Maria’s Laying Betting System – EARN A LIVING ON BETFAIR TODAY



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I am selling an 8 page ebook on the method used for this amazing achievement. There is no useless filler describing what ‘Betfair’ is or what ‘laying’ is. Rather, you are buying the exact method used and the strategy taken from Day 1 of this system.

You will also get some suggested laying selection strategies as well.

Some background…….

In 2005, a lady called Maria from Latvia started with a bank of £3,000 and within 303 days turned this into over £100,000. After Day 300, she was making £550+ per each race for simply placing a bet on a horse NOT to win.

She achieved this from laying horses on a daily basis, using an excellent staking method and strategy.

The great thing about this achievement was that she posted her selections in advance on a daily basis.

Unfortunately this thread or forum is no longer available online.

Shortly after this, she joined with a company and sold this method of selection for an extraordinarily high price, and since then, her system and staking plan has achieved legendary status.

This method overcomes risk by setting strict limits, but also provides a great way to earn regular profit . It does not require a bank as large to start off with. In fact, the bank can be significantly lower than the £3k Maria used.

The system can be applied to horse racing, but also other sports such as football, tennis, rugby etc.

Laying can be off-putting in isolation given the potential for losses, but this method makes earning significant regular profit far far easier. It also has the beauty of being quick. Make your daily selections….and get the bets on. No in-play monitoring, no lengthy analysis etc.

If this method is adhered to, and patience is given, this method will give you huge consistent profit.

Any questions – please do not hesitate to ask