Maria’s Horse Laying System -BETFAIR BETTING SYSTEM – £3K TO £100K IN 303 DAYS



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In 2005, a lady called Maria from Latvia started with a bank of £3,000 and within 303 days turned this into over £100,000. By the end, she was making £550+ per each race for simply placing a bet on a horse NOT to win.

She achieved this from laying horses on a daily basis, using an excellent staking method and strategy.

The great thing about this achievement was that she posted her selections in advance on a daily basis on a well known betting forum.

Over the course of the 303 days, she posted her daily selections FREE OF CHARGE in advance of the race. This was not an after timing thread.

Her final posting on Day 303 on 31 August 2006 showed overall results as follows:

Results (net of commission):

Original Bank: £3,000

Closing Bank: £100,604

Bank Increase since 3 Sept 2005: 3,253.44%

Overall strike-rate (since 3 Sept 2005): 3547 wins from 4131 selections = 85.88%

Outside of the selections and results postings, she also posted responses to other posters, and was very generous with her time, engaging in several debates on betting strategies etc. She even responded with newbies who asked very basis questions (e.g. what is laying?)

Unfortunately this thread or forum is no longer available online.

Shortly after this, she stopped posting to protect her livelihood , and since then, her system and staking plan has achieved legendary status. Over this time, the thread has been deleted.

The good news is that I have the entire thread saved before it was deleted from the public and I can sell it to you. I have included the details below:

– It comes in the form of a 457 page ebook

– There were 196 pages on the entire thread with 1,955 postings. I am missing 26 of these pages (approx 260 postings) at various parts. The book still includes over 86% of the original thread and all the postings from the conclusion of the thread are included

– The book is searchable – pdf

– Delivered as soon as possible after payment

Why would you want to buy this book? Why would you find it useful?:

– She reveals her staking strategy of this achievement upfront in the first post.

– Maria never revealed her actual selection criteria when she posted her daily selections. However, she gave huge insight into parts of it over the thread in response to posters. These can be applied by you to your betting.  

– She was generous with her time when posters asked questions. She provided lengthy responses on different elements of betting. This was great information and can be a great learning source.

– By posting her selections, it is possible to reverse engineer her selections. You can see what type of races and horses she laid and using available data on Betfair or Racing Post etc, create your own laying selection criteria.

– The pdf document is searchable for key terms. There are no page breaks.

– The thread is a first hand example of discipline and determination. A valuable lesson to every bettor/punter/trader etc

– You can start your own betting bank and compete with Maria on a day by day basis. She made small consistent profits at the start and these snowballed into huge earnings. 

– It is a fascinating read. A lot of betting systems advertise absolute nonsense – e.g. post a screen shot of an excel spreadsheet as profit and order before midnight for a special rate. This is a first hand example of someone actually earning serious money on a daily basis.

Finally, the staking method Maria uses (which is included in the first post) can form the foundation of your successful betting system.

This method used by Maria overcomes risk by setting strict limits, but also provides a great way to earn regular profit . It does not require a bank as large to start off with. In fact, the bank can be significantly lower than the £3k Maria used.

The method can be applied to horse racing, but also other sports such as football, tennis, rugby etc.

Laying can be off-putting in isolation given the potential for losses, but this method makes earning significant regular profit far far easier. It also has the beauty of being quick. Make your daily selections….and get the bets on. No in-play monitoring, no lengthy analysis etc.

If this method is adhered to, and patience is given, this method will give you huge consistent profit.

Any questions – please do not hesitate to ask