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Half-time/Full-time Odds Compiler
for Microsoft Excel

Can be used on laptop/computer, tablet or iPhone

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Above Image: There are two ways you can use this Odds Compiler.  It will give you the ‘True Chance’ of each event happening so you can simply bet on the most likely event.  In this case you would bet Away/Away as it has the highest chance of success (22.41% chance).

The second way to use the Odds Compiler is to bet Draw/Home with a recommended stake of £9.47 (for a bankroll/betting bank of £1,000.00).

Negative figures in red are
either a ‘no bet’ or, if you use Betfair to lay, then it is a ‘lay bet’.

The recommended stake uses the highly
regarded Kelly Criterion (used by stock brokers and investors).

Directions for use: All you need to
do is enter the expected goals for the home and away team in the yellow boxes
(these can be found on SpreadEx (look for ‘Goals and Results’) or Sporting
Index (look for ‘Goal Supremacy and Goal Markets’) – see below screenshot for
example) and the Compiler will instantly create the full market for the HT/FT.
You can also enter the bookies odds into the yellow ‘bookies’ section for
the bets you are interested in. As well as being a very helpful betting tool,
this Compiler can also be used to set your own odds on Betfair. Odds are in
decimal format.

you would like an example of any match so you can test it’s accuracy just send
me a message/email and I will forward you a screenshot of the Compiled Odds for
your chosen match.  You will be very pleased with it’s accuracy.

The below screenshot
shows you where to find the numbers you need to enter (I can design the spreadsheet for you so that you enter all four numbers and it will create the average for you).

As you can see, this item is an investment which will heavily improve and aid your betting.

This item will be emailed to you (most likely within a few hours) as soon as I see your email/payment.

Please check my feedback to see that this item (as well as my others) are of a high quality and do work. 

Any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.  You can send me a message through eBay.

Please send me a message with your email after purchase.  Thanks.

item is protected under UK Copyright Law as it was created by myself. 
Please do not attempt to copy or redistribute this work in part or full.

Copyright © 2017 Philip Lyons. All Rights Reserved

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Half-time/Full-time Odds Compiler (Excel App)


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