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Maiden Bets
MaidenBets is a new an exciting horse racing software product which helps to identify potential winners in Maiden Races. The product finds horses that have been unlucky or deserve to be up in grade from Maiden Races.

Open Class Horse Bets
Open Class Horse Bets finds horses that have been racing in tough OPEN class races and return to graded/weighted events. This gives a class edge to the selections and finds “diamonds in the rough”.
Win Bets
Find horses every day that have proven themselves in tough grade with powerful wins and return to weak grades. These selections may be short, but they are POWERFUL.
Percentage Bets
Find the most prolific winners in today’s circumstances – winning form is good form, after all!
Odds Finder
This software finds the top four favourites in a meeting (not just a race). This is powerful as statistically these favourites win more than they lose. Short but strong.
Money Horse
Find winners every day by analysis of average prize money and the correlation with percentage win rate – this lets you find horses that have been running in tougher races, even if the listed grade is the same. Secret winners!
These software products are available for creating horse racing ratings and tips in the following locations:
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Singapore
  • Hong Kong
  • South Africa
  • England
  • Ireland

They are created by successful Australian punter Mark Obrien, using proven formulas which deliver a high strike rate and profit.

Try out the software now and start profiting. A purchase gets you a copy of the software emailed directly to you, and you can use it forever! No resubscription fees. You can purchase this from any international location.
We are on hand for technical support and can assist you in getting set up.
REQUIREMENTS: Windows XP or greater, .NET framework 4 or higher (installed on most windows PC’s)