GEN 2.0 – How to Win the Lottery with The Wave Luck Theory – Software + Bonus



How to Win the Lottery with 

The Wave Luck Theory 
New Custom Software + Free Bonus

Discover how to predict lottery numbers and exponentially increase your chances of winning prizes.

System Requirements:

In order to use GEN 2.0 you need a system with Windows XP, 7, 8, 10 or newer AND Microsoft Excel 10 or newer.
Please send me an eBay message with your email address after payment – thanks.
This powerful program uses mathematical algorithms to generate numbers with the highest probabilities of success.
And thanks to access to modern technology (your computer), anybody can use it and benefit from it.
After a few years of research, scientist Paul Watson created a program called GEN 2.0 based on The Wave of Luck
Theory which was recently published and is available for sale on the internet. The Theory tries to describe similarities 
between events at different time and places, and uncovers potential uses of these similarities in many life areas. 
GEN 2.0 works with any lottery game 
anywhere in the world and has many other applications.
It is Easy to set up and ready to start using in a few minutes. 

GEN 2.0 in any modern computer will process computations at 
17,000  cycles per second
1,020,000  cycles per minute
6,120,000  cycles per hour
1,468,800,000  cycles per day
10,281,600,000  cycles per week
This will allow you to generate numbers to play with a high percentage chances of success, closing the gap, and
puting the odds of a winning game in your favor. 

GEN 2.0

Remember if you are not using 

a system or method you are wasting your hard 

earned money on lottery tickets.

GEN 2.0

You’ll be able to obtain great results in any lottery you play anywhere in the world

You’ll Find a system or method that really works for you and makes you money

You’ll find it Easy to setup and use. No complicated software.

You’ll stop loosing money on lottery tickets

It Can be used over and over again. 

GEN 2.0

“After Reading The Ebook and Using The Software

You Will See The World Around You With Different Eyes ”

What will You get:

  • GEN 2.0 program that comes as an Microsoft Excel file with an activation code
  • GEN 2.0 User Guide in a PDF format
  • The Wave Luck Theory Ebook (BONUS) in PDF format  ( FREE )
  • 100% Customer Support from author in case you have any questions
  • Able to join The Wave Luck Theory Community FB group as a Member to interact with likeminded people
  • Software and ebook will be sent to the Paypal e-mail address on file and will be available to download once payment is cleared

System Requirements:

In order to use GEN 2.0 you need a system with Windows XP, 7, 8, 10 or newer AND Microsoft Excel 10 or newer.
After Reading the ebook and using the software, you will see the world around you with different eyes. There are no
coincidences or are there?? 
You’ll be the judge. If you purchase this program you’ll be making a major contribution
to this project and the scientific community. 
Let me know how putting into practice The Wave Of Luck Principles has help you 
in your life. We’d love to receive your feedback. 

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Learn How To Increase Your Chances of Winning The Lottery  lotto prediction program.

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