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The Poisson distribution is a
discrete probability distribution that expresses, from a frequency of average
occurrence, the probability that a certain number of events will happen during
a certain period of time.


For example:


The match ended with the result of
1-2 for Norrby.

 Once the corresponding formulas have
been made (we have it automated in an Excel), the Poisson distribution will
show us some results, and we highlight the following:

visitor with a 46.65% chance. In bet I was at @ 3.50

 Over of
2.5 goals with a 63.90% chance. @ 1.62 in bet.

 Exact results: 1-1 and 1-2 as the
most likely. I imagine they would be at higher rates @ 6.

 Then we have to, according to
statistics, a fee that was paid to @
3.50 (visitor victory) has been met. They have even
fulfilled one of the two most probable exact results, in addition to over



is statistic, it gives you a very reliable approach to the future of the game
in terms of goals, but it is not a reliable approach in all cases. When I speak
of reliability I mean that it will not be equally valid in all matches. In this
case it has been fulfilled, but there will be other variables in other
encounters: mood of the players, motivations, casualties, injuries, coach, etc.

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