Bull and Bear Betting System: The Little Book of Big Odds – NEW January 2017



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It’s been 12 months since my last betting system. Since then I have been working on developing an entirely new concept of betting, which has lead me to develop my newest 24 page book called:

Bull and Bear Betting – The Little Book of Big Odds

This book has earned me thousands of pounds of profit over the past 18 months, and I am forecasting these profits to increase substantially over the near future given the low risk and statistical approach used for selection, staking and bank management.

The system can be applied to all forms of sports betting, does not require software or in-play monitoring, and unlike nearly all other betting systems, the starting bank can be as low as a few pounds.




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Two of the most important things we value are time and money. The aim of this book is to achieve the following:

Money – put a consistent profit of £100 to £450 into your pocket on a regular basis through betting

stakes of between £1 and £20.

Time – do this without requiring significant pre match research or in-play monitoring. The time

commitment is about 15 minutes at the start of each bet selection, and then however long it takes

you to log into your betting account and make the bet before the match starts.

If your betting style is slow and patient and you enjoy between 5 to 20 bets per week, this book is perfect for

you. If you bet multiple times daily, this book will be equally useful as it can be used in conjunction with your

other systems with no great additional time effort or drain on your betting banks.

This book is a medium to long term play. Use it for a few months, and it should start becoming very

profitable, for very limited risk. Use it for a number of years, and those consistent profits should come

through like regular paychecks.

If you want to beat Betfair in one day – this book is not for you. However, if you want to be sitting here in 2

years time, with a consistent and controlled income stream equalling a modest standard wage – read on.

Also, unlike other systems, there is no large initial bank required – you can start with a few pounds on the

first week and add incrementally to it each week. This is counter to nearly all other betting systems which

require a large starting bank to earn any profit.

The following sections of this book are going to take you through:

– selection criteria – all statistical information used is free and easily accessible online

– staking methodology and

– bank and funding management

All areas of this book can be applied to any form of sports betting. For me, I use this primarily for football

(soccer), rugby and horse racing. These will be equally valid for other sports such as rugby, cricket,

American football, basketball etc

The working examples I will be using throughout will be based on football betting but the same principles

hold through to all forms of sports betting.

All profit amounts stated or illustrated are after commission and the time of writing this book is January 2017.