Bo’s Unique Baccarat Winning Method Highest Level Playing For Living Comfortably


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 If you are a Baccarat player, you could only be a Loser or Winner.

Keep using your futile system(s) or resort to playing by luck, continue to be a Loser!
What you can do is, one word: QUIT!
Using futile “systems” or resort to playing by luck that made you a Loser! You realize you have no way to win at Baccarat tables, you don’t want to “donate” your hard earned money to the casinos any more, just to QUIT to be a Loser forever!

You never want to be a Loser, You believe you can win all your money back, but HOW???
One word: LEARN!!
When you know the moment is really there, you understand that you have to do whatever you can to live for another day to become a winner, and that’s what LEARN means!
There are thousands of Orientals( Asians) come and go and play all kinds of stupid patterns and with analysis of the score between each hand (Player and Banker). Such a joke.
They are the biggest donators at Baccarat tables around the world, they never know :”Playing Baccarat is just a very simple thing.”
And no casino wants them to know!
And no casino wants you to know…!!!


It is a game that should be played with common sense.

A lot  of people have got a 
lot of money, but they don’t last long.

They all lose in the long run!

Gamblers are funny.They come to the casino, to the cardroom, to the sports book, to the table games…to gamble. Most of them aren’t getting the best of it, so they’re trading some long-term losses for the  short-term thrills of being in action…


Version 2

Plus the BONUS of Bo’s original VERSION 1




Feedback received March 16, 2015 from over 30 years EXPERIENCED Baccarat player prosam : the bo’s baccarat works

A praising from a experienced Baccarat lover after he learned Bo’s:
One word in English that could be used to describe the Bo’s is: 
INGENIOUS (or genius) meaning —  cleverly inventive, very smart or clever, intelligent, originality of invention, great inventive skill and imagination, brilliant!


Other than sewing, I had collected MANY, MANY Baccarat Systems that cost me plenty of $$$$$. My brother-in-law has tested hundreds of systems and he did hardcore 15+ hours a day testing on different systems over the years. None can last over two days without going bust or multiple bust. Bo’s method was the only one that broke the record and took the beating for a long run effectively.


Bo was my long time panties lover; he bought most of my unique panties with all available colors over the years. Other than panties, we talked NBA, M.J. traveling around the USA, Chinese food in Hong Kong, my home town Japan, etc. I just did not know he was a Blackjack and Baccarat player.

Until May 2012, he saw me bought a Baccarat System on eBay: Baccarat Gambling System Professional Level- Expert Play, + 1.8 % Advantage
(now is listed for Starting bid: US $100,000.00)

Then we spent a lot of time talking about Baccarat:

“Joy, I did not know you loved baccarat. Been playing baccarat and blackjack for over 20 years in Vegas. Recently due to health problems now trade Forex. Believe me it was easier to win playing baccarat. After reviewing all of the systems you have sent me, not a single method appeared to be much help for winning. In fact the theme seems to be here that you cannot beat the casino. So I guess I will tell you my method for the last 20 years. It came from old friend that was one of the early Vegas pioneers…

I could not estimate the number of shoes I have played in 20 years same system never made a change. Good luck hope this makes your day. I am sure that your brother-in-law will love to tear this apart and maybe he can I don’t know, but, believe me, it has worked for me for 20 years is that luck ???

Some of your systems might occasionally win one or two shoes, but you will lose in the long run. Believe I have tried that so many times over the years and that is what will cost you.

In all my years of playing this method both in blackjack and baccarat (bac is easiest no decisions to make purely mechanical) I have had much more live action in the casino then probably anybody you know, so don’t change the method or think you know it all because you don’t. As I said earlier there may be other ways to win besides this, but I have not personally seen any one easier.

I can only say what knowledge was passed on to me was done by some engineers at the Air Force Base outside of LV with super commuters about 20 years ago. They designed it. It was given it me from an acquittance who was a casino ex. back then who has since passed on. I have lived very comfortably using this over the years I have a few people I mentored when I was still in Vegas who are playing like I have tried to explain and are also living comfortably. I lived in a very nice home in the 7 Hills section of SE Vegas, and just recently sold that home I now live in SE Florida in the penthouse of The Ritz Carlton on Singer Island and because of my health I don’t play anymore. My idea here was to pass this on to you and hopefully you and your family member(s) will benefit from the concept that has enabled to live comfortably.

I know of 5 people in Vegas who take between 300-500 grand a week off the baccarat tables there each week using this. Three of them are family, all of them play just like what I passed on to you. This has been proving to work for over 20 years of playing time and is still working at this moment. You can’t be just lucky that long of time and still have several more people currently still being lucky. Don’t screw this up for people who want to find a method that has been proven to work. Also do not play basic strategy as everyone thinks. If that was a way to win, do you think the casino’s would give you a card with the rules to look while you play?? … …”


“Hello Joy. My name is Linn, I am Bo’s live-in caretaker. I have been the one doing all the corresponding by typing and answering your email with Bo. Due to Bo’s medical conditions he was unable to type or see very well. What ever was written though was from Bo’s mind not mine, except one thing. He did go out last Friday night to the casino along with is beautiful granddaughter who lives here also and is a Vogue Model. I will tell you more how we won in the casino that night. Bo, however, did spend a lot of money on misc things at the gift shop. He bought a lot shirts and toys and games, so they could be dropped off to boy’s and girl’s orphanage near by that he loved. Bo was an orphan. He was a very dear good humble sole. He knew somehow that his time was near and told me he didn’t want to take his Bac method to the grave without passing it on. You were the one as if his best friend. He also said that if something happened to him to leave a message to you so would not think he gave up on anyone. That he wished the best for everywhere whether you believed him or not. And that is what I am doing. He passed onto has he called them the Bac’ Gods at 2 pm today. He went quietly with a smile. I know nothing about his method other than what he told me, so you might just follow what he told you before…

Bo was a fun man to work for and be around. He never complained just took everything in stride. He did tell me a story that I felt was funny so I will share that with and leave you with. I guess he was a blackjack player back in the late 70’s or early 80’s in Vegas. He played with several teams of card counters who took Vegas for a lot of money. The casino at that time I guess was run mostly by the mob rather then corporations today. One night after the team took the Stardust for a major sum, he was staying near by and had a brief case full of chips and money they had just won over several days. Somehow some men came after them and to get away, he threw the briefcase out of a hotel window and escaped down the stairs . While he was outside retrieving the case, there were men back in his room looking for him and the money. While is was retrieving the brief case he had thrown out the men spotted him and started shooting at him out the broken window. He said that was is last night playing blackjack and from then switched to Bac.
Joy, with Bo’s Bac method, gambling or not, hope you will be benefited. Lin”

Dear Bo, I owe an apology. I was a doubter, and now I am a believer. However, all of my emails were positive and never put you or the system down. My brother-in-law had now charted many shoes and has done so well. Thank you. Anyway, if there is something to be added, thank you very much. I doubt that there is anyone else in the whole world who would give away a winning system like this. Bo, you are one in a million. I am just a small sewing woman. You have made my life brighter. thank you!!! Joy

~~ * ~~ ** ~~*** ~~ **** ~~ *** ~~ ** ~~ * ~~

Found an article on Bo’s ‘passing’ day in The Palm Beach Post…

Quite long, so I will include just a few statements, attributed to a close neighbor who seemingly knew Bo quite well…

” To put it simply, Bo was an amazing man.
When it rained, it was because he was sad.
Never once saw him put postage on his mail, but it always got there.
He told me he once called a wrong number, even thought the person who answered the call would not admit it.
He was regularly stopped by the police, but only because they found him interesting to talk to.
When the police pull Bo over, Bo gives the cop a ticket.
He once taught a German Shepherd to bark in Spanish.
Bulls simply refused to fight him.
He once buried a time capsule full of things which hadn’t happened yet.
Most love songs of the past 60 years were written for him, about him, or by him.
If he rode with you in your car, it’s resale value instantly increased.
He went to a psychic once…to warn her.
He won the Most Valuable Player award in both the American and National Baseball leagues in the same year.
He won the same lifetime achievement award three times. ”

A bit more from the article…

” Rising from the squalor of the mean streets of Rio, educated in the finest schools in Singapore, voted MVP 4 times throughout his simultaneous playing careers in the English Premier League and the NBA , he was known then only as ” Bo Jack”. The author of many books on the mating habits of bears, Bo told me he was almost killed twice…once from gunshot wounds incurred in Vegas and shortly thereafter when he jumped out of a plane under the assumed name of DC Coop. Bo ( or Jack, as his friends called him) was also widely credited with preventing several Tsunamis and one major earthquake. He spent his last years hobnobbing among the Gold Coast crowd in Palm Beach, allthewhile working on a new bet selection algorithm which he planned to share with his friends in the gambling world. Never met his housekeeper, but I heard she was a real “looker” back in the day…”

To us here at BF, Bo was, undoubtedly, the most interesting man in the world…

Joy’s advices:

You might have lived COMFORTABLY enough without Bo’s method. Please don’t spend any MONEY to buy any system(s) from any system seller(s)! Otherwise, it could prevent you from living UNCOMFORTABLY in the future!

Please don’t waste your time to find any system, even if it is free, “none can last over two days without going bust or multiple bust”.

If you have your own method, you could occasionally win one or two shoes with some “luck.” Please don’t play with it on Baccarat tables anymore, because you will lose in the long run! As “luck” will NOT follow you every day!

You don’t need Bo’s method if you could dare to say you are always a winner on(?) Baccarat tables…keep playing…all the casinos will welcome you all the time until one day the casinos welcome your MONEY rather than welcome you.

You don’t need Bo’s method if you play Baccarat for ENJOYMENT or FUN, though such enjoyment and fun must be too expensive…and such enjoyment and fun is NOT for a person who receives a paycheck less than $800 a week or a person who does not know if he might be laid off tomorrow.

You don’t need Bo’s method if you believe in God. God bless America also God should also should bless you too, until one day God stops blessing a loser … or God might not have time to bless you every day other then bless America…!!!

To live COMFORTABLY, you might not need Bo’s method if you could receive a paycheck more than $3000 per week at least 10 more years or before you retired or you are as rich as Donald Trump!!!

With Bo’s Bac method, gambling or not, hope you will be benefited:

1, Gambling: Playing For Living Comfortably!

2, Not gambling: save you a lot of MONEY and time not to find or buy any system(s) dreaming to win on Baccarat tables…!!!

Joy challenges any system seller(s) with any “winning” system(s) that could surpass my brother-in-law’s testing and buy it for at least $9,999.

Joy has received many emails asking for that Baccarat Gambling System Joy bought it in May 2012 which has a starting bid of $100,000.00. No matter it has + 1.8 % advantage or + 180 % advantage. Joy has no idea why should it be so expensive. Right now, however, it led Bo to brighten Joy’s life forever, that is worth FAR more than $100,000.00.

Over the years it paid for penthouse here.
The Ritz-Carlton Residences, Singer Island, Palm Beach FL Ocean Condos without “luck”— Bo

Here are the terms of learning Bo’ method for playing for living:

You won’t be able to learn the whole thing by just one course. There will be two versions with the terms. Version 1 will be the Original of Bo’s method. Version 2 is the advanced ULTIMATE pro level inspired by Bo’ method created by Bo’s family members who play for their living in Vegas. I never sell the Version 2 on eBay or to the public ONLY for the ones who MUST have thoroughly learned and digested Bo’s Original method(Version 1) first . Most people who learned the Bo’s Original method are eager to own Version 2.

To learn Version 2, you MUST have thoroughly learned and digested Bo’s Original method Version 1 first because Version 2 was inspired by Bo’ method created by advanced level pro Bac players! 

Now you will have the Version 1 as a bonus when you own the Version 2.

You might have already known, no matter what so-called “system” you use at Bac tables, YOU WILL LOSE IN THE LONG RUN…or you might have already lost much…

LIFE IS NOTHING REGRET WITHOUT BACCARAT!! It is so regrettable to pay money on casino games repeatedly!!!

It is NOT easy to find a real method to beat the casinos as MOST(99.99%) so-called “systems” on the market are scams; they just waste your money and time… Take my advice: DON’T GAMBLE WITH YOUR MONEY!
If you really love to play Baccarat or you hope to become an advanced level pro Bac player, read Bo’s story one more time and think about Bo’s method. No nothing hurry, we all have time, the casinos won’t close!!!

~~ * ~~ ** ~~*** ~~ **** ~~ *** ~~ ** ~~ * ~~