Betfair Profit Maker ( Football )



It’s a simple in-play Betfair strategy that does not require any trading
and only requires the user to place a specific bet at a specific time
within a football match which matches the system criteria.  The beauty
about this Betfair system is not just it’s simplicity but also the fact
that liquidity is not a real concern because trading is not part of the
For the one-off price, it’s under £30, you will really struggle to find a
better value Betfair system for betting on the football anywhere.  I
actually think that given the performance during this review period and
the results post review, that it is vastly under priced and double the
price would still be a bargain.

Bill Johnson should be very proud of what he has created and even if you
paper trade the system for a few weeks, you will suddenly see the
results that keep stacking up each week and it will reassure you for
placing real money bets into the market.