Baccarat System With Proof and 3 bonuses


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This system has been mathmatical proven to produce great results. There are 2 types of Baccarat systems: Money Management and Pattern Playing

Pattern Playing is predicting which side will win next. Since there are no forces or rules that effect which side wins next, all the Pattern Playing systems, with one exception, are based on speculation and not real insight. The one exception was used by a large group who scammed several casinos out of a lot of money. The scam involved the dealer making a specific type of shuffle they taught. This shuffle would look normal but would leave a portion of the deck in tact from the last shuffle. This would allow those in the know to watch for this section to appear and they would know what the next several cards were going to be, allowing them to accurately predict which side would win.

All of the money management systems have one thing in common. None of them accounted for a losing session and that is the downfall of all these systems.

There are three differnt types of results you will encounter when playing baccarat.
1.) Mostly Banker
2.) Mostly Player
3.) Back and Forth
A money management system can win with 2 of these but not all 3, therefore if you do not account for the losing sessions, your system is flawed.

My system not only takes into consideration the fact that there are losing sessions but actually captilizes on the odds of this happening.

Purchase my system and I will schedule a proof session with you on either skype or our startmeeting room.

I will win $500 playing my system at The Wizzard of Odds. This is the most trusted site for accuracy on the internet. If I fail to produce a profit of $500 in 1 hour playing my system, I will refund your money and pay you $500 of my own money. Not being able to make $500 in 1 hour does not mean my system didn’t work, in fact it is very possible that I could not win $500 in the hour but still not have a losing session. If I do have a losing session, the next stage of my system takes advantage of this but I will not have enough time to implement it so you will get $500 profit and my working system.

Imagine your job is playing cards for a living and you make $800 per hour working any hours you desire. Work as much or as little as you want, work during the day, at night, anytime you want. Need a new car that costs $24,000? Work 30 hours and you can pay cash.

What you get

My proven and tested system that will produce for you on average $200 per shoe in baccarat

A bonus of how to acquire any size bankroll you need for only $120 (This is a limited time opportunity)

A bonus of how to never lose playing blackjack again.

A bonus of where the best place to play poker online.

A proof session where I share my screen with you live and use my system to win $500. I will explain the system as I go, answer all questions you have about the system, and provide you with a first hand look of the system at work.

To purchase my system send a $500 donation to my friend Bubba. Bubba is a kid that suffered brain damage after his oxygen to his brain was cut off when he was 16. His single mother works hard to care for him and provide all she can but she could use our help. If you will donate $500 to her fund, I will send you my system, answer all your questions, and show you proof of it’s value.

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