Asian Handicap Betting Secrets

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Isn’t It Time You Knew The Secrets Of The Most Profitable Football Betting Market?

Asian Handicap Betting Secrets – It Is The Market The Bookies Love To Hate…

And if those pesky bookies don’t like these markets then you should want to know why.

“Did You Know That The Average Bookmaker Margin On A Football Market is 10-15%?”

10-15%! That is a huge edge that the bookmakers build into the normal price of a betting market. So it doesn’t matter if you are pretty good at picking which team will win out A v B, you have to be 15% better than the bookies just to break evens. That is some edge you are going to need to have if you are going to profit on a regular basis…

“Not All Betting Markets Are Created Equal!”

However, not all markets are the same and there is one betting market which almost erodes the bookmakers edge completely and that is the Asian Handicap markets where the bookmakers edge can be as small as 2-3%…

“Put The Advantage Back In Your Corner – Reduce The Bookmakers Edge To Only A Couple Of Percent”

Like Blackjack in the casino, it is the market they have to provide because of its popularity but it is the one they FEAR the most… And we can use that fear to our advantage. As punters that is all we can do, reduce the bookmakers edge and stack as many chips as we can in our favour.

“It Doesn’t Matter If You Do Not Understand Asian Handicap Markets – You Just Need To Know Which Teams To Bet And Which Handicaps To Follow”

Today is not a lesson about Asian Handicaps, i am not going to sit here an explain to you what the plus and minus sign means, or how a team can score half a goal. I am going to assume that you either already know about Asian Handicap betting or you don’t care and just want to a simple and clear guide to winning football bets!

* Do you bet on the Asian Handicap Markets and want to be more profitable?
* You have never placed a bet on the Asian Handicap Market because it looks weird?
* You have never placed a bet on the Asian Handicap Market because, secretly, you don’t understand it?
* Do you want to make money from Football Betting?

If you answered yes, then Asian Handicap: Betting Secrets is for you!

“Grab Your Copy Of Asian Handicap: Betting Secrets Now!”

What you are about to get is the result of hours of analysis, reviewing 1000’s of football matches going back through season upon season. The end result of which is a secret list of football teams and specific handicaps, across multiple leagues which can be used under certain and exacting criteria to deliver profits season after season…

“1000’s and 1000’s of Football Matchs Analysed and Reviewed”

What you will get with your copy of the Asian Handicap: Betting Secrets guide is a clear, simple and easy to follow report which will outline for you:

1) Which teams consistently, year in and year out, deliver profit and overcome their handicaps (Hint: It Is Not Barcelona!)

2) Which teams are atrocious and are continually over rated and over handicap based on long past glories and media hype

3) Which handicaps, broken down by league, are the most profitable to follow. Regardless of which team is actually playing

Are you sheep? Of course not, so don’t follow the media sheep and follow the lemmings. Bet like the pro’s do with our in-depth analysis and secret trends.

“We Have Done The Hard Work – You Just Implement It And Profit. Simple!”

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Asian Handicap Betting Secrets