1.8m PVC Air Bumper Ball Body Zorb Ball Bubble football Loopy Bubble Soccer Zorb Ball Bubble ball For Sale


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1.8m  PVC Air Bumper Ball Body Zorb Ball Bubble football Loopy Bubble Soccer Zorb Ball For Sale
We have size Diameter 1.0m 1.2m 1.5m 1.8m, with material of PVC and TPU, you can choose which size and material you want.
We can make different such as Clear, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, etc.Plese leave a message to tell what colors you want.
If you order more than 4pcs ,you can get a foot pump as a gift,if you order more than10pcs ,you can get a electric pump as a gift.
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Difference between the PVC ball and the TPU ball
The TPU ball could play in the snow weather, but the PVC ball couldn't.
Between the two, The capacity of TPU ball standing highest and lowest temperature changes better than PVC ball, the abrasion resistance and the mechanical strength is stronger than PVC. Usually, we play the bubble soccer made with PVC in summer, and it is all ok to play with the TPU one in summer and winter .

Playing instruction:

1.Make sure no sharp things on ground when playing the game. Need a carpet on the common ground.
2.It is forbidden to carry with keys and mobile phone, glasses and sharp small decorations during the playing.
3.Make sure to check the bubble soccer is in a good condition,belt and handle are firm before playing.
4.Please keep the sign “UP” on bubble soccer in right direction, Do not slide in the bubble soccer in a wrong direction.
5.Player should be in belt, hold the two handles.
6.Children should play with the accompany of adults.
Security activities Note:
1.It is for bidden to use in rain day, and the wind above level three.
2.Age of 65 should not participate.
3.People with heart disease, high blood pressure and physical weak shall not play it.
4.Weight preferably not more than 100 KG
1.We test each bubble soccer for 3 days to ensure the ball exactly well.
2.We will guide you to repair the ball during all the life span of the ball.



logistics notice:

This item is free shipping by EMS, UPS,DHL, Fedex or Special air line for some countries( North America, Europe, Australia and Asia).For a few countries,we need charge shipping cost,please confirm with the seller before you make the payment.For the customer who come from Brazil ,Argentina,Chile,please provide your personal tax number.Regarding the local custom fee,it will be paid by buyer.